Biodiversity And Ecosystem Processes In Tropical Forests

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes in Tropical Forests

2 Plant Species Diversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Tropical Forests ll S. Joseph Wright 2.1 Introduction 11 2.2 The Dependence of Ecosystem Processes on Species Diversity 12 2.3 Plant Species Richness in Tropical Forests 15 2.4 The Primary Productivity of Tropical Forests 17 2.5 The Stability of Tropical Forests 23 2.6 Conclusions 25 ...

Global change effects on humid tropical forests: Evidence ...

Fourth, biodiversity of plant, animal, and microbial species is a key ecosystem property in tropical forests, which contain the majority of the Earth’s terrestrial biodiversity [Mittermeier et al., 1998]. Comprising only 7% of total landmass, tropical forests are estimated to contain over 50% of the world’s terrestrial species

13 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes in Tropical ...

13 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Processes in Tropical Estuaries: Perspectives of Mangrove Ecosystems ROBERT R. TWILLEY, SAMUEL C. SNEDAKER, ALEJANDRO YANEZ-ARANCIBIA AND ERNESTO MEDINA


Angola Biodiversity and Tropical Forests: 118/119 Assessment v populations on unsustainable coping strategies, such as poaching or overfishing. Continuing efforts to strengthen the agricultural livelihoods of the rural poor reduces the risk of a return to these practices. To the extent that USAID/Angola’s democracy and governance activities help

Biodiversity and the functioning of tropical forests WUR

of ‘ecosystem processes’ in the general introduction (chapter 1) and general discussion (chapter 8). Tropical forests are thus important for climate change mitigation, but climate change in turn also affects the temporal dynamics of tropical forests and thus their mitigation capacity (Cox et al. 2000).

Biodiversity, ecosystem thresholds, resilience and forest ...

ience is tied to the biodiversity that normally occurs in the ecosystem (e.g. Folke et al., 2004; Thompson et al., 2009). In particular, certain species and groups of species perform key functions in forests and so are essential for the forest to maintain all of its functional processes (Díaz and Cabido, 2001). For

Carbon and biodiversity relationships in tropical forests

Carbon and biodiversity relationships in tropical forests . Summary . This paper provides an overview of the current state of knowledge regarding relationships between carbon and biodiversity in tropical forests. • At a global scale, tropical forests provide some of the highest levels of biomass carbon storage, productivity and biodiversity.

Diversity enhances carbon storage in tropical forests

Diversity enhances carbon storage in tropical forests L. Poorter1*, M. T. van der Sande1,2, ... attributes for ecosystem properties and processes (but see ... 2013). Over the past two decades there has been a strong emphasis on the role of biodiversity in ecosystem properties, processes and services (Naeem et al., 2009,and references therein) ...

Chapter 2 Biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services

Chapter 2: Biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services 7 biodiversity at a suitable scale, e.g. species richness in spatial units within the landscape (Srivastava and Vellend 2005). However, this is not to say that such measures are mutually exclusive. For

Changes in biodiversity and ecosystem function during the ...

rainforest restoration, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem functioning, China Tropical forests are home to two thirds of all plant spe-cies of the world[1], and play a vital role in maintaining global biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Can a tropical rain forest recover naturally without human ameliorative efforts after being destroyed?