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Vision therapy/orthoptics is considered experimental, investigational or unproven for any indication. Overview . This Coverage Policy addresses in-office vision therapy/orthoptic and/or pleoptic training. General Background . According to the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, “vision therapy” is a term


and binocular vision disorders. Background Definition Orthoptics ("straight eyes") is the study of the ophthalmic science that pertains to vision, visual function, eye movements and binocular coordination. The American Medical Association recognizes Orthoptics as a health care profession involving the evaluation and

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Visual Information Processing Evaluation and Orthoptic and Vision Therapy Page 1 of 15 ... involving binocular vision and eye movement (American Associated of Certified Orthoptists [AACO], 2018). ... Visual Information Processing Evaluation and Orthoptic and Vision Therapy Page 2 of 15 UnitedHealthcare Commercial Medical Policy Effective 12/01 ...

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Chapter 8 Office-Based Vision Therapy (VT/Orthoptics) 6/6/2005 Page 8-4 Determine a level at which the subject can perform easily Working on this level makes it easier for the subject to become aware of the important feedback cues, strategies, and objectives involved in vision therapy. It also builds confidence and motivation.

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undiagnosed binocular vision problems. VT incorporating an internet orthoptics component improved convergence ability in the cases reported here, and most patients reported symptomatic relief. Keywords: accommodative facility, binocular vision, computer orthoptics, convergence insufficiency, LASIK, refractive surgery, vision therapy Introduction


SHAAD—BINOCULAR VISION 479 the brain. Thus the middle layer of cells, bordered by cells connected with functionally related parts of each eye, is probably essential for fusion. These cells are fully developed at birth. Verhoeff10 proposed a theory of binocular vision in which he accepted the assumption of corresponding points, which are presumably represented anatomically in the occipital ...

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Computer Orthoptics offers programs which automatically help train the patient. Included, are several random dot stereograms and other stereo targets which are devoid of monocular cues and can be seen only during binocular vision, thus ensuring patient compliance. Computerized Therapy Programs The V3 LCD Program stores the results

Visual Information Processing Evaluation and Orthoptic and ...

Visual Information Processing Evaluation and Orthoptic and Vision Therapy Page 1 of 16 ... orthoptics, orthoptic vision therapy, or optometric vision therapy. Vision therapy encompasses a wide range ... patients with disorders of the visual system with an emphasis on binocular vision and eye movements. (American

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• Orthoptic vision therapy – eye exercises to improve binocular function Orthoptic eye exercises are used by pediatric ophthalmologists and orthoptists, while optometrists call it orthoptic vision therapy. When pediatric ophthalmologists and orthoptists prescribe orthoptic eye

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A. Description and Classification of Accommodative and Vergence Dysfunction Although clinicians attempt to classify their vision problems, many patients do not fit perfectly into specific diagnostic categories. Most symptomatic patients have defects in more than one area of binocular vision. For example, the patient